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NEW: The Hammock 1

We are proud to present our new all-rounder for work trousers. The new Hammock 1 protector is now available in our webshop and from our distributors. Everything comes together in this protector. It not only offers comfort, but is also flexible, hardwearing and repels water. In addition, the protector uses a flexible spring inside. For this reason, pressure distribution over the knee is optimal. The Hammock 1 packs the comfort of an external protector into a compact form. As a result, it fits in the knee pockets of work trousers. The lucky users who were the first to test this protector were very excited. Most still use the protector. Now work safely and comfortably with the Hammock 1!

The lightweight protector wraps around the knee and flexes with every move you make. This makes this protector very suitable for the professional who works alternately on the knees and in other positions. The ergonomic shape and durable materials of these knee pads ensure optimum seating comfort with the pressure-distributing spring.

We visited a few companies with these protectors, such as Solention, to ask what the professional thinks of them:

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