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Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100: Participation of UltraKnee

Section view of the UltraKnee Hammock 2

UltraKnee participates in the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 with our ergonomic knee pads. In this Innovation Top 100, the most innovative Dutch companies compete for the coveted title. This prize is one of the largest and most important innovation prizes for SMEs in the Netherlands.

The technology behind UltraKnee knee pads is intended to limit the harmful effects of working on the knees. This is possible through a very unique and innovative system that is in all our protectors. The protector encloses the knee and distributes highest pressure points on the knees while sitting. The strongest parts of the knee can absorb these forces. As a result, our protectors always fit well and we prevent painful knees and long-term knee and back complaints. We cannot prevent you from working on your knees. We can, however, limit the harmful effect of this as much as possible.

With this participation, the Hammock 2 is the first knee protector that is eligible for an innovation prize such as the KVK Innovation Top 100. We need a little more patience before the results are known. The Chamber of Commerce reports that the names of the 100 most innovative companies will be announced in November. The order of this list therefore remains secret. We won’t know the ranking until January 2022. Then we find out who can call themselves the most innovative company in the Netherlands for a year!

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