Ultraknee Force Distribution Technology

All of our Hammock protectors are equipped with force distribution technology (FDT) which optimally distributes the pressure on the knee. FDT was developed by movement experts in collaboration with TNO, the Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology. As a result the protectors will always feel comfortable. Not just for a moment, but throughout the entire day.

always sits comfortably

Research shows that professionals should opt for a comfortable knee protector that distributes the pressure as much as possible over the knees. With the optimized Ultraknee kneecaps, you are always protected against moisture, dirt and sharp objects and long-term against physical complaints.

Our kneeprotectors

Hammock 1

Unprecedented comfort in the ‘pockets’ of your work trousers

Ultraknee Hammock 1 Kneeprotector

Hammock 2

The most optimized pressure distributor around your lower leg

Ultraknee Hammock 2 Kniebeschermer



Just good

Service Technician

My focus shifted from the pain towards my projects again


I can enjoy my weekends again

Road worker

So far my Ultraknee protectors offer the best pressure distribution imaginable. I can just work on the knees the entire day, before I got my Ultraknee protectors the pain started after 5 hours of work.

Floor painter

Even after a long day of work, my Ultraknee protectors allow me to go out with my son in the evening


the Ultraknee performs perfectly, even in a messy factory environment.

Maximum protection during work. Maximum movement after work.

Your body is meant to move, from the first day to the last. Our starting point is to support the body as best as possible. Even if you are burdened disproportionately by your work as a road worker, carpenter, floor layer, horticulturist, gardener or any other work where you work on your knees for more than 30 minutes a day.

It is our philosophy to put as little stress on your knees as possible and to relieve them as much as possible. So that there is less pressure on the kneecap, so that you can still move smoothly after work and so that much less wear occurs in the course of working life.

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